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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> what a big show, we will have chris christie on the couch. "outnumbered" starts now. >> this is "outnumbered". here with us today, sandra smith, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. co-hosted fox and friends first, in sleet earhart and one lucky guy, a presidential candidate and governor of the garden state otherwise known as new jersey, governor chris christie is here finally and you are "outnumbered". >> i will do fine. >> you have a staff with a lot of women, you are used to be surrounded. >> i am used to it, no problem. >> you have the lovely wife. strong, smart woman. >> supported me for a long time. happy to be back. >> fbi and atf agents joining
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police in a massive manhunt for three suspects who shot and killed a 32-year-old police veteran in the alan mulally north of chicago. local schools are closed. residents told to stay indoors. lieut. charles josephglinowicz was pursuing three suspect. he was just weeks from retirement. mike hoban live from outside the police department. what can you tell us? >> the dynamic of the search has changed since then:00 last night. the perimeter was released after the police determined they had exhausted the potential of finding the three suspect within that two mile perimeter so gone are the images of police officers in tactical gear with weapons at the ready. helicopters overhead, police dogs working, they transferred to saturation patrols. essentially that is an increased patrol with heightened awareness for the fact the suspects are
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out there and in awareness for the danger. in addition we have the first call made by the officer, first to arrive on the scene, found lieutenant it glinowicz gravely wounded. listen to the motion in his voice. >> a man with a gun, 128 earning 1 -- fled from the scene. shots were fired. pepper spray, shots were fired in the direction of travel. >> i am here, send everybody as fast as they can. officer is down. >> with all the attention paid to grievances between cops and the general public appears lieutenant glinowicz was the kind of guy who would bridge that gap. congressman bowl was here representing his district and
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said you couldn't attend the public event without bumping into this officer everyone knew as g.i. joe. he participated in the organization called explorer scouts to help young kids interested in law enforcement. police headquarters you have been think, black and purple to symbolize morning for this officer. and other makeshift vigil popping up at police headquarters and a vigil is planned tonight to help heal restoring community. back to you in new york. >> we are awaiting an update from police on the manhunt within the hour and we will bring that to you. in the meantime this illinois shooting marked the fourth police debt in the united states in nine days amid a spike in crime in major cities and fiers that anti police protests are making officers targets. one of america's top cops warning of the tough times ahead. nypd commissioner bill bratton predicting tough consequences from what he sees as a war on
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cops and said, quote, many people do need to be in jail. they don't need to be on the streets. all this, critics say president obama must be more forceful with his response to officers being killed in the line of duty saying his statement condemning the targeting of police following a deadly ambush of a houston sheriff's deputy was inadequate. chris christie, what do you think? we have seen a rise in crime across the country. it has become a summer of crime. does the tone need to be set from the white house? >> of course it does. i am a former u.s. attorney i spent 7 years in law enforcement, throughout new jersey and the region. i can tell you this is an example of the lawlessness of the obama administration. the presidential enforces the laws he likes. he doesn't like immigration laws and says let's have sanctuary cities, doesn't like marijuana laws, certain states do their own. the president needs to speak
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forcefully in favor of law and order. in new jersey, the city that was fought the most dangerous in america three years ago fired the entire police department, they would not doing their jobs. we hired new police officers, three years sentence with community policing, socially as well as professionally, murder is down 61%, murders and going up in new york and chicago and los angeles, they are down 61% in bev police force working with the community and strong leadership from the governor and mayor saying of a police are part of the solution, not part of the problem. >> we have seen the president speak out of both sides of his mouth with the ferguson protest, wagged his fingers at the cops. we have not just seen the rhetoric but as you point out policies across the country. in new york and other cities, limit this proactive policing
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that rudy giuliani did and you have implemented. >> of course. folks should not be surprised the when they elect people like bill deblasio in new york city who ran an entire campaign anti police, now we have significant rise in crime, 9% increase in murders in new york but worse than that, you all work here, you walk around the city there's a different feeling than the last 20 years. >> that happened so quickly. what would you say to bill deblasio who seems not only to have created this discord with the police department, but he already admitted the homelessness problem in new york city has gone out of control. >> what i say to bill deblasio is stopped grandstanding and start doing your job. the first job of a mayor in a city like new york is to provide the safety of the people who live and work here. if people don't feel safe in new york i live in this area my whole life. i remember the 1970s and the times before rudy giuliani, when people were afraid to coming to
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new york city, afraid, bolted out of here after work, didn't want to be here after dark, narrow leadership seemed to make a difference. now on the opposite side, lack of leadership and support, the mayor should get to his job, a lot of politics to get the job, that is fine, do the job. >> one thing when you are the mayor of a city in america or governor of the state in america to fix the problem you see in your city or state but as the president what do you do to fix what bill brennan calls a war on cops and rudy guiliani labeled a war on cops, would you do if you are head of the country? >> speak out strongly and unequivocally in favor of the police officers doing their jobs. the president giving the answer you talked about, what that leads the country to believe is somehow lawlessness is okay,
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complying with the laws you think you agree with is all right and you don't agree, do your own thing. we know in this country when we go in that direction it has led to a violent increase, deaf, and an awful atmosphere, to live and work and raise our children in. as president what i would do is what i would do is prosecuted, restore law and order, enforced fairly, without prejudice towards anyone. we will do it. >> what is the downside to the president condemning these acts? >> the only thing i can think of is the president doesn't believe it. i don't know how else to conclude it. it makes sense the president should do this and for some reason is reluctant. >> we saw martin o'malley saying all lives matter anti god shouted down and had to apologize. >> leadership is not about following. >> this won't be tolerated, we will find you and prosecute you.
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>> he should extradite the cop killer back from cuba who killed the new jersey,. >> absolutely. we should not be raising the american flag over an embassy in cuba. we have a cop killer and domestic terrorists. >> big shake-up for the upcoming gop presidential debate. the criteria for the september 16th event was just amended so any candidate polling in the top ten, and an average approve national toll from august 7th to september 10th will be included in the top tier debate. we won't know the podium replacement into the eligibility window closes on the tenth and hash tag one lucky guy chris christie making a promise earlier this week. >> the last debate -- >> you are kidding. >> there was one point, 20 questions in a row without being asked a question. september 16th, may be changing tactics.
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15 questions and a row, count them at home. he will go nuclear now. >> what does that mean? >> just having fun with jimmy. what it means is everyone has their voice heard, 11 people on the stage, there will be more people for the same amount of time, to see what nuclear means. >> we not treated fairly at the last debate? >> it was okay. if you go twenty-second without getting a question it is a long time to go standing up there without getting a question. we had 6.5 minutes of time total of two hours, that wasn't much different from the other folks. a few candidate got more time. >> what is the solution? fuhrer candidate joy longer debate? >> probably a longer debate. it is bunched so closely together is very difficult, they are picking a points with people so probably needs a longer
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debate. the american people that they have an appetite for this, 24 million people watched for two hours on fox a few weeks ago. >> it was a really well-organized debate. >> what was your complaint? >> i thought the debate was fantastically organize rejecting it went so well and people were so energized and watch the whole thing and we were on this digital show afterwards and talked about how well you did in the debate and you rose to the game you needed to in order to break through. really powerful performance from you. what i am wondering is all i may have fundamental disagreements with you are you and rand paul going to continue the discussion into the next debate? you are very passionate about those issues on opposite ends and will there be resolution? >> there won't the resolution because i'm not changing my mind because i am right and he won't changes mind because he is stubbornly wrong. i don't think there will be any resolution on it. it depends the way the questions are asked.
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that was a question that was set up in particular for us to contrast our views. i tried to do it the way that was civil and he decided he wanted to take a shot. what you need to know is if you take a shot at a guy from new jersey is dangerous. >> someone wrote this week that donald trump is more pragmatic, more moderate candidate who tells it like it is, chris christie wishes he could get some of that. >> i don't wish i have any of what donald has. i am happy with what i have. the record i have in new jersey, my family and what we will present to the american people as options for leadership providing law and order to this country. donald is doing just fine, good for him. he is a friend, this is like a lot of my. >> can you begin? >> of course. >> how different would raise the if you are not in it? >> it would be different. take any of the folks out of this race it becomes a different one. obviously donald is the guy at
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the top of the polls right now. if you took him out it would be different. lots to see how that goes over the next couple months but no one is voting until five months from yesterday so we have a long way to go and a lot of water before anyone does that. it is five month. >> talking about the caucuses and politics later in the hour but first the major victory for president obama. now that a 34th senator is supporting the iran nuclear deal, hard-liners, america the great satan. what chris christie has to say about all this and our relationship with our adversary. a top supporter of hillary clinton's campaign saying she is facing some much scrutiny over the e-mail scandal because she's the woman. would it be different if a male
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and yet another energy saving opportunity from pg&e. find new ways to save energy and money with pg&e's business energy check-up. >> welcome back to "outnumbered". the nuclear deal with iran all but certain to become a reality as democratic senator barbara mikulski of maryland became the
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crucial 34th center to back the deal. senators bob casey of pennsylvania and chris koontz of delaware voicing their support yesterday a week before the senate prepares to formally debate republican resolution against the deal. this means the white house now has 34 votes needed to uphold an expected obama veto of any disapproval resolution republicans hope to pass. meantime the new york times reports the head of iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps announced plans to expand the reach of iran's missiles. despite the nuclear deal america is still the same great satan. the deal will not die. >> everything that iran does to the men terrorism in the world, attack israel, attack america is their responsibility as well. i hope they are ready to live
9:19 am
with the conduct of people who are the largest state sponsors of terror in the world. they want to wipe israel off the map. i hope they're ready to live with people whose a we are the great satan. there are now testing missiles not to shoot at israel but shoot at us. >> those icbms are in the same continent, they don't have to go far to reach israel. the point of long-range missiles is to create pot holes. >> i and 70 believe what iran is trying to do is create a new empire. >> what can the president did? >> what he has to do is teach iran a lesson very early on. they have been cheating all along and this deal, we have the iranian revolutionary guard. they are the ones in charge of inspecting iran's military sites. only barack obama can negotiated
9:20 am
deal like that. >> 34 votes go after retiring senator, something the american people to not want and said repeatedly. why does he want this to pass when they are saying, calling us the great satan. >> because he always believes he is the smartest guy in the room and he gets it, nobody else -- >> what does he get out of this? >> he believes this is his legacy and i do too. people will look back and say this is the worst thing this president has ever done and every death iran causes is on barack obama's head. >> what are senators getting in return? >> that is what i would like to know. i would like to chronicle because we will pay for and ultimately, the things he paid them off with and i cannot believe a lot of these folks would agree to this without getting something else from the president. i would like the president to chronicle the deals in back rooms, secret deals, we know he
9:21 am
made secret deals with iran. he says he won't released from. what secret deals has he made with members of congress? >> i have seen house of cards. all those names on the water board. >> rouhani vowed that iran would violate the u.n. restrictions. after the deal was done he said week for it up. >> this is the guy the president is trusting. doesn't have verification in this deal, got to wait 24 days to express -- if i got a search warrant, went to a house of someone violating the law and said i want to search your house, i will be back in 24 days. >> can you see how they played a role in this? >> only the president and mrs. obama know for sure but think of this. is criminal in new jersey, we pride ourselves -- even the stupidest criminal in new jersey nose to get the evidence out in 24 days but the iranians are not
9:22 am
stupid and they will take advantage of a. >> he has already pledged and has his own military verify whether or not -- >> verification -- >> they will do a bane of the job. the rest celebrating in the streets. >> no americans are allowed to the inspectors. >> hillary clinton's e-mail scandal may be widening. she did send classified e-mails on her private server. what this could mean for the investigation and her campaign. plus an online deal heating up between jeb bush and donald trump with jeb bush taking the latest shots. is it helping jab fight critics who say he is too week? chris christie gives his take on his rival. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return.
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>> i did not e-mail any
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classified material to anyone on my e-mail. there is no classified material. i am certainly well aware of the classification requirements and did not send classified material. that is a good one. >> that was back in march and with the latest batch of e-mails released by the state department we know hillary clinton did in fact send classified e-mail from her personal server. at least six of the. to be clear government officials have seen e-mails classified after clinton left office but this latest revelation could complicate her efforts to move beyond the political fallout from the controversy these e-mails suggest a role in distributing sensitive material using her private sector went beyond receiving notes written by others. possibly taking its toll. new polling shows hillary's favorability at its lowest since the 2008 campaign with 45% having a positive view, a 53%
9:28 am
have a negative one. this does not bode well for her and i have said there is no good news in these e-mails, nothing will come out of this current one or in the future that will bode well for her. >> she doesn't tell the truth and doesn't answer questions. she should stand up and answer the questions that are pretty simple, put aside the classified stuff for a minute. why did she have a private e-mail server? why did she have a private see e-mail server? convenience? she said because she only wanted to carry one and we all know we have iphones or other smart phones you can go with multiple e-mail accounts on your phone and still carry one device, she doesn't tell the truth. first thing is maybe she is looking to the camera and saying here is why i had a private e-mail server, i think i know, she didn't want us to see anything and the proof of that is why did you destroy tens of
9:29 am
thousands of e-mails when you knew the house was subpoenaing those ils. third, why were you stealing classified information, sensitive material on a private e-mail server? she answered those questions we would have a full picture but this is the clintons so they won't answer the questions and say it is all politics. >> you know who could ask those questions? the fbi. to me this seems like an open and shut case because she violated several laws, the most serious, espionage. used to be a federal prosecutor, what does this tell you. and the fbi have already pulled in by now? if it was one of us on the couch and would be, we saw what happened with general david petraeus, shouldn't the fbi have broader in and do you think obama's doj is of the berlin slow walking this investigation? >> i don't know. i have a lot of confidence in the fbi, the deputy attorney general, i don't believe she
9:30 am
would allow that by anybody. >> what happened they brought her in yet? >> they're developing evidence. >> the state department didn't even know about this personal e-mail server. there's a lot of evidence right now. >> the whistleblowers said peyton of this information was purposely redacted so congress and the president would not be able to see that was classified information going to and from her server. >> totally agree. i said not only should she be investigated the prosecuted. when you are building a case the last person you want to talk to is the target. you want to build all the evidence and have it. when you sit down and questioned somebody, you understand what you need to know for the right questions. >> she is declining in the polls, finally showing up and it didn't for a while, wasn't hurting her, it is now. does this open the door for joe biden run? >> the door was open the for this.
9:31 am
i never thought hillary clinton was the strongest candidate in the world friday over the course of her career. joe biden has always been a candidate. it is hard to wonder stand a personal decision, they will make that decision but the doors, and it only opens water. >> when you rather run against hillary or joy? >> against one of them. >> the feud is heating up between 3 to republican rivals for 2016 after donald trump posted a video blasting jeb bush, the former florida governor who fired back with a video highlighting what he says are trump's liberal views of the past two decades. >> hillary clinton is a terrific woman. i am a little biased because i have known her for years. >> she's very talented. >> you would be shocked if i said in many cases identify more
9:32 am
as a democrat. >> my views are a little different. >> donald trump is not letting up. his campaign releasing this video online. >> we recognize the commitment of someone who has devoted her life to public service. i want to say thank-you to secretary clinton and president clinton. >> what does that make the big clinton? >> my sister-in-law. >> the back and forth. any thoughts on the back and forth between those two? >> the problem is both these guys have forgotten this race is about the american people and not about them. that back and forth there making it about each other. this campaign is how angry and frustrated the american people are, the government doesn't work, how angry they are about the fact the immigration system isn't enforced in the middle class wages have been stagnant for 15 years, how are angry they are about this to the debt that has been run up by kids who
9:33 am
can't get a job. >> donald trump has engage the american people. some people who might not have otherwise been interested. in this election. with his rhetoric and enthusiasm and passion people appear to be -- they like that. >> donald engage people in talking about issues they care about. he has engage people, they don't care about the back and forth between jeb bush and donald trump having a food fight between each other and personal issues and personal opinions. i'm not saying i didn't laugh about it. we sat on the set and watched videos of that but you ask what i think of it, and this is about the people of america and their frustration, anger and aspirations for the future. >> if you fight back and forth would you tell it like it is? that is what you are known for no question but you are also a
9:34 am
former member of the bush administration. you have a lot of bush people and your staff. what makes you different from jeb bush? >> chris christie people, the biggest difference is i have done it in a state where it is difficult to do. governor bush hasn't been involved in a campaign of any meaning since the turn of the century and has not been involved in the fights we have been fighting as conservatives against the obama administration over the last seven years and as a governor in a state that has the bluest state you can imagine, democratic legislature, i had to the joy 400 bills has governor, more than any governor in new jersey, vetoed more tax increases than any governor in american history. i have done this and gotten through new jersey with democratic legislation.erence. you have a republican legislature, they rubber-stamp and send it back, i give my left arm for one day, i am fighting,
9:35 am
that is what people want as president's do with congress. even this congress hasn't done what they promised. >> is trump getting other candidate a run for their money? he can sit in back of his jet and push a few buttons on his account and reach millions of people, he doesn't need negative ads because he can tweet something back if you say something or object to something and it reaches and millions of millennials. >> i don't think tweets will win this election. it has to be much broader than that. he is leading in the polls, good for him but four years ago michele bachman was leading in the polls. >> are you sick of entering questions about him? >> of course i am. wouldn't you be? that is what it is, u.s. questions i will answers them. i always answer questions and tell it like it is but the fact
9:36 am
is he is leading in the polls, good for him, congratulations. if continues to do that and he and jeb bush polk each other in the ivy american people will lose interest quickly. >> you deserve a lot of credit for dealing with the democratic legislature, you vetoed a ton of bills and i give you credit for that. family's lawsuit, local and federal officials responsible for the death of kate styling, the woman killed by an illegal immigrant as she walked along the san francisco peer. new policies on immigration and sanctuary cities. chris christie will weigh in on that.
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9:41 am
appear in july. the suspected gunman, illegal immigrant from mexico had been deported five times, he was released from san francisco jail earlier this year despite a federal request to detain him in what officials say was the mistake and of violation of their sanctuary city policy. governor chris christie is speaking out about the efforts to solve the immigration crisis. on fox news and they explained about creating a system like fedex. >> this is a situation where the private sector uses technology, let's use the same technology to make sure 40% of the 11 million people don't overstay their visass. we should do it and bring in the people from fedex. nothing wrong with that. i don't mean people are packages. >> you want to explain that? >> everybody has the labeling they need from.
9:42 am
they will from print, we should use biometric technology to track people who come in as visitors. they are not immigrants, they are not immigrating here. they are here to visit for period of time, get an education or do something we permit them to do to visit our country and we should track those people and they should not stay over the period of time they do. people complain about the 11 million, 40% of those 11 million are here not because they snuck over the southern border which we spend a lot of time talking about but because we let them in through an airport and decided -- we do need to track them. this is not treating people like packages with bar code on people, that is ridiculous but we need to use technology to secure the border. >> on someone suggested we track, newt
9:43 am
gingrich, mike huckabee, are people supposed to swipe their thumb print every time they use an atm? >> when people coming we should take their thumb print when they come in and put the money system after they overstayed their visas. >> what is the system? that is what i have a hard time understanding. >> we have a system that tracks the collapse fingerprint who committed crimes. once you overstay your visa you should go on a separate system where if you rent cars for all the things, give a driver's license or some type of proof of who you are, wait a second, red flag comes up you overstay your visa. the technology exists, what we know is fedex is an example, the technology, government doesn't do this. people are angry -- >> the government is in the
9:44 am
kitchen and centralize. >> can we talk about sanctuary cities for a moment? you have a number of sanctuary cities in your state, you sat down with bill o'reilly, you support case was. what have you done in new jersey to help the fund these cities, you have an excellent record, defund planned parenthood, have you tried to defund the city's? >> federal law tried to enforce, the federal government, i said i will defend any city from federal funds that does not enforce federal immigration laws. the same way folks at the state level take steps against them for not enforcing state law. we need law and order in this country and we need to have people who will follow the law and leaders who will enforce the law. when i take the oath i don't say i will enforce the law and i like. i enforce the laws of the state of new jersey. we talked about medical marijuana laws off-camera here. lot of flaws in my state i wouldn't have signed but now than they are law and force them.
9:45 am
>> we enforce the laws already on the books that are not currently but should we also have kate's law? >> sure we should. i support that. >> and sanctuary city's? >> it should be done, should have been done already. we have a present doesn't agree. doesn't want to enforce immigration laws, hasn't secured the border, doesn't want to defund sanctuary cities, he writes executive orders that allow people to overstay their time here. this is a president who has encouraged lawlessness, his former secretary of state doesn't think the law applies to her either. joe biden -- >> in your state, is that frustrating, these cities, they're breaking the law and you can't approach these criminals. >> i am frustrated by the federal government's failure to do its job as are most of the american people. >> as a result steinle is no longer with us. >> she is the most famous in
9:46 am
recent one but we should be addressing these folks and sending them to jail and send back where they came from. >> is there a case? >> yes. >> wall street roller-coaster continues, one day after nearly 500 points drop related to china's economy. will fall the global uncertainty, is the u.s. economy in real trouble? we will talk about it. arted t. so we switched to charmin. with more go's in every roll, charmin ultra mega roll equals mega value. each sheet is 75% more absorbent so you can use less with every go. which means charmin ultra mega roll lasts longer than even the leading thousand-sheet brand. cha-ching! nothing scary about that. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin.
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>> global markets recovering from another fall. stocks of to a positive start in midday trading, back above 200 points. all this thanks to a calm asia market. yesterday in the dow jones industrial average dropped nearly 500 points. the last few weeks have been a roller coaster ride on wall street did concerns about china's weakening economy. despite gains last week, at the dow lost 2500 points over a nine they period. what do you attribute this unbelievable riding u.s. stock market to? >> this president has run up so much debt and so much of that has been given to us by china that now we get the flu if joy and get the coffee. they hold so much of our debt,
9:51 am
so much of our own economic activity intertwined with china because the president has been unwilling to say no to $1 trillion in debt. >> a top priority to with the economy in shape. job situation, hurting a lot of american families. >> middle-class wages have been stagnant, first thing we do to change the tax code. these loopholes and all these deductions, if they believe tax codes are rich for the rich. for mortgage interest, at the first to own a home and deduction for charitable contributions. >> corporate tax. >> to get rid of their deductions and loopholes as
9:52 am
well. and do their taxes in 15 minutes. and three rates, 28 at the high end, eight at the low end. charitable contributions, send the check and be done. >> wesley snipes would never have gone to prison. >> companies to hire more people -- >> $2 trillion off shore, they don't bring back because we double tax to bring it back. >> keep american companies here, not worried about china. >> the tax system is competitive, the highest corporate tax rate, 25% and. >> that is a no-brainer. >> don't say it is not enough. >> america offers other advantages, and stop double
9:53 am
taxation, if you make money over in great britain and pay taxes, you pay taxes again. >> large corporations everyday, over on the business channel, businesses feel they are under attack in this country and i say the guy or gal who wins this presidency is the one who promises they can create the most business friendly environment. >> people can create businesses and create jobs, revealed dodd-frank and end the fed. >> put that -- >> in case you need any pointers we are with you. >> seems like the no-brainer. >> for second quarter, governor of new jersey, 90 days, and regulation for any department or agency, did the same as the president and 1-third regulations our predecessor put in place the first year. that is business friendly. >> can you name all of bruce springsteen's songs? >> not all. >> we bet our one lucky guy, a
9:54 am
bunch of -- how much he knows about the boss's catalog. ♪ irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name.
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>> it is well-known our one lucky guy is a fan of the boss, bruce springsteen, how deep does his fandom for the rocker go? deep according to politico. there was a bevy of online post written by chris christie in 1999, and 2000 when he was the morris county freeholder. the post chose his knowledge of the pristine catalog like this one written in march of 99 talking about one song, give the girl a kiss. they cut this, he faded in public, wanted to see how it went, it went great. >> remember that performance? >> it was first time the fans track together in 1999, played russell shew in asbury park. it remains a very fun night. in 1995, 2000, that is what happened.
9:59 am
left off in 1997. >> how many shows have you seen? >> they are friends with another favorite son, bonn joy of the, you have something in common, to notre dame, to send off to college. >> she is less second, my first at princeton, and my youngest children went to high school, my daughter in seventh grade, to compose to school. >> sending little girl off to college how? >> you wear a lot more. >> parenting tit, stay in touch with your children. >> did she cry the entire way home? >> we both have our moments of low what i said to my daughter at notre dame, please be the only one who didn't cry right
10:00 am
now. >> we have to say good bye. >> i love to hug the. >> we're back tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" starts now.


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